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Cost efficiency

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Development opportunities

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Laixo AG

Schaffhauserstrasse 331 8050 Zürich
TELEFON: +41 58 510 63 77

Laixo provides a GIS-based platform for managing the digital twin of the infrastructure. Their tools help employees and their service providers to digitize infrastructure maintenance and carry it out in a targeted and efficient manner.


  • Operation of the central platform for the digital twin of the infrastructure
  • INVERS for strategic planning and operation of public infrastructure
  • Technical advice in the field of condition assessment and value maintenance planning
  • Advice and support in setting up GIS-based processes, especially in infrastructure management

Schneider Kanalreinigung AG

Burgrain 2 – CH-8706 Meilen
TELEFON: +44 923 33 94

The company Schneider Kanalreinigung AG in Meilen has been your competent partner in the canton of Zurich and the surrounding area for all sewer cleaning work since 1974. Our comprehensive range of services includes: Sewer cleaning as well as sewer inspection and pipe rehabilitation, drain unclogging, vacuuming of various materials and much more. With 17 modern, specialised sewer maintenance vehicles, Schneider Kanalreinigung AG has a fleet that is ready for any type of sewer service. The 25-strong team at Schneider Kanalreinigung AG is on duty for you around the clock.

Zeccinel Kanalreinigung

Hauptstrasse 137 – CH-8274 Tägerwilen
TELEFON: +41 71 666 70 50

Zecchinel Transport AG has been concentrating on underground infrastructure maintenance for many years. With its approximately 30 permanent and part-time employees the company provides its services to customers around their headquarters in Tägerwilen, canton Thurgau.

Mökah AG

Oberwilerstrasse 14 - CH-8444 Henggart
TELEFON: +41 52 305 11 11

As a pioneer in demand-orientated underground infrastructure and street value maintenance, MÖKAH AG, with about 200 technical specialists  offers its customers tailor-made, innovative and economical solutions from a single source in the core competencies of sewer cleaning, sewer inspection, sewer rehabilitation and surface cleaning. In addition to its main office in Henggart (canton of Zurich), the company operates sites in Oberglatt, Schaffhausen and St. Gallen.

Karo Kanalreinigung AG

Eggbühlstrasse 36 – CH-8050 Zürich
TELEFON: +41 44 371 16 10

KARO Kanalreinigung AG was founded in 1997and has developed into a reliable and efficient partner in the field of sewer cleaning in Zurich. Thanks to our many years of experience and reliance on expert staff as well as a modern and efficient fleet of vehicles, we are able to fully meet our customers’ high performance and quality demands.



Maximilianallee 22, 04129 Leipzig
TELEFON: +49 341 91981-310

THVM Group has been successfully established on the market since 2000 and, with its proven expertise in the cleaning, inspection and rehabilitation of wastewater networks, open and trenchless, but also in pipeline construction, has a special professional position in the market.

THMV, with its approximately 220 employees and the companies

  • tubus GmbH
  • HTR-Bau GmbH
  • viacon GmbH
  • Mitkanal Mitteldeutsche Kanalservice GmbH

THMV is a well-known provider with a very good reputation and a regional focus, especially on eastern and northern Germany.

Kanalservice Braunen GmbH

Am Leitenfeld 4, 83556 Griesstätt
TELEFON: +49 (0)8039 4099106

Gerhard Braunen founded the company Kanalservice Braunen in 2007 and developed it into a regional quality leader. 12 employees work with state-of-the-art technology in the service areas of sewer cleaning, TV inspection, leak testing and sewer rehabilitation. The very good reputation has meanwhile led to an expansion of the regional concentration, partly due to targeted enquiries and recommendations, and the company has grown very successfully over the years. The range of customers includes private, industrial and also public clients.

AKE Böhmer | Deutschland

Gutenbergstr. 17 53359 Rheinbach
TELEFON: +49 2226 92420

AKE Abfluss-Kanal-Eildienst Böhmer GmbH, based in Rheinbach/NRW, was founded in 1990 by Dietmar Böhmer. Over the years, Dietmar Böhmer has very successfully expanded his company regionally and supra-regionally and, with his current staff of 25 employees, offers private and business customers as well as municipalities professional services in all aspects of sewer cleaning, drain cleaning, TV inspection and sewer rehabilitation – in NRW, Rhineland-Palatinate as well as Belgium and the Netherlands. Our new group company is also strongly networked and well-known in the market thanks to its cooperation with several hundred sanitary specialist companies.


Helmholtzstrasse 1c – D-76297 Stutensee
TELEFON: +49 07 244 20 518 0

Jeschke Umwelttechnik GmbH was founded in 2003 and was one of the first companies to perform sewer rehabilitation with innovative inliner technology. Meanwhile, the company has more than 30 employees, owns a fully equipped fleet of vehicles and operated from its headquarter Stutensee, north of Karlsruhe.

HS Kanalsanierung GmbH

Kreuzdelle 30 – 63872 Heimbuchenthal
TELEFON: +49 60 928 22 89 0

HS Kanalsanierung was founded in 2002. Today, the rising company employs over 30 qualified employees at its site in Heimbuchenthal near Aschaffenburg. The company enjoys an excellent reputation and is considered a proven specialist for renovations in accessible profiles and in manhole rehabilitation. The company HS Kanalsanierung GmbH is a certified company with RKI master qualification. Our operational area covers all of Germany and its neighbouring countries.

erles Umweltservice GmbH

Dieselstraße 5 – D-74909 Meckesheim
TELEFON: +49 06 226 42 966 0

With currently more than 60 excellently trained specialists, Erles Umweltservice GmbH, headquartered in Meckesheim, has started its operations in 1990 and is focused on sewer rehabilitation alongside pipe cleaning and inspection for industrial, public and private clients.

A.S.T. Klaus Germann Umweltschutz GmbH

Rheinstraße 16 – 66955 Pirmasens
TELEFON: +49 63 311 49 75 0

The company A.S.T. Klaus Germann Umweltschutz GmbH is a leading service provider in the field of underground infrastructure maintenance in the southwest of Pfalz and employs roughly 40 excellently trained employees. Located in Pirmasens, the business is specialised in sewer cleaning and inspection as well as wastewater and oil separation. Every day, our employees take care of our customer`s needs with the latest technology and an extensive vehicle park.

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AST Klaus Germann Umweltschutz GmbH, based in Pirmasens, is a leading company in the field of sewer value...